Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Leeds

Hypnosis for Anxiety in Leeds

Hypnosis in Leeds can help you to overcome the debilitating affects of anxiety. Feeling stressed, worried and confused are feelings that hold us all back and prevent us from expressing our full potential.  These feelings are common but can become so overwhelming that they are a health hazard.

overcome anxietyThis can  affect everyone to some degree because anxiety is a natural response to danger. However when you have these feelings continuously  over a sustained period of time it is time to take charge and change your internal responses.

General Anxiety Disorder

It is not based around one specific issue but is felt throughout your life. This can be accompanied by worries and fears. You may feel a sense of dread, irritability and feeling constantly on the edge. You may find it difficult to concentrate and be overly restless. There are many physical symptoms which include a shortness of breath, headaches, tension and aches, insomnia, trembling, shaking and tiredness.

Social Anxiety

With social anxiety you may feel excessive fear of social situations. It is considered to be a phobia. It is a complex phobia as opposed to a simple phobia like a fear of dogs that is about one object, though sometimes it may be a a specific fear that is preventing you from engaging in social situations. Social anxiety can seriously affect your life and cause you to become restricted and in some cases house bound. This is a situation that can be avoided or overcome.

Test Anxiety

If you are suffering  extreme nerves while taking tests this is an emotion that is preventing you from moving forward with your life.  This can be remedied with the use of hypnosis.  It can provide the confidence and calm certainty required to sit exams in a way that enables you to recall information with ease.


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