new years resolutions

Why do people backslide with new years resolutions? With smokers literally seeing them go up in smoke? The reason is because smoking and over eating and other unwanted behaviors are deep rooted habits. Willpower alone has an uphill battle when it comes up against habitual behavior which is in all cases fueled by emotion and Continue reading »


We all have good habits, bad habits and indifferent habits the key is to eliminate the bad while holding on to the good and maybe the indifferent, that way we don’t harm our health or annoy everyone we come into contact with! Habits themselves can be beneficial we just need to learn some good ones. Continue reading »

Stopping smoking

Stopping smoking has never been easier or more affordable. The program consists of two sessions for £125 with a follow up session if required at a reduced rate within a year of purchase enabling you to stop smoking without the pressure of ‘now or never’. This enables you to cover more ground than relying upon Continue reading »