Confidence boost

For my first Blog I open with a short exercise for a boost of confidence.

If you are feeling nervous anticipating a future event that has special significance like a job interview or giving a public talk you may find the following will give you that extra surge of confidence that you need.

Some of us worry more than others when we realize we are putting ourselves into a situation where we can be judged. We feel emotionally naked and vulnerable. The fear of what other people think can be a stumbling block to doing the best that we are able to do in the situation.

There a numerous reasons why we may feel a lack of confidence when we have to put our best foot forward. A fear of judgment, whether it is a fear of making mistakes, not remembering our material or maybe the fear that other people will witness our very nervousness. Our thoughts triggers self-doubt and we evaluate ourselves and find ourselves coming up short and feeling less capable than we would like to be.

Well here is a little exercise that will help to boost your confidence today!

All it takes is a little imagination!

So here goes..

Imagine standing in front of you there is a supremely confident version of yourself, either facing forward or towards you. See this version of yourself standing firm with head upright and chin forward. Get a sense of feeling certain and self-assured. Know that you will take appropriate action and speak the right words. With your thoughts clear and optimism at its peak you know you will be successful.

Now step into that image and assume those qualities. Let them be absorbed.

Feel the new sensation in your body and see how your thoughts and emotions align and give you a sense of optimism and self-assurance.

If need be create an even more confident you and step into that version of yourself so you compound the affect.

An alternative way to do this is to play the part of an actor. Imagine that you are taking the role of a confident person, maybe yourself or even a movie star or someone you admire. How would they act, talk, think and feel in this situation? Play the part and convince yourself you are supremely confident. After all it’s only acting so you don’t need to worry about it. Just play the part.

Try them out today you may be pleasantly surprised!