Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Hypnosis Leeds

Fear of flying  is a common fear that people experience in different ways and for many passengers panic on route can be extremely uncomfortable knowing that they are trapped on board for the duration of the flight with no way to escape and relieve their uncomfortable feelings.

Sometimes the fear of flying is directly related to flying  and at other times it is not the flight itself but a fear of been trapped and unable to get away from the confined space you are forced to be in that is the cause of the panic.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool of removing these fears and enabling you to feel calm and in control when flying or planning to make a flight.

Fears are based in the subconscious and are often misguided way of trying to protect you. However the fear is serving no rational purpose.

The solution is to change the subconscious perception of flying and/or been in confined places. Then your subconscious can be in alignment with the purpose your conscious mind sets for itself and you will be able to fly comfortably, absorbed in whatever takes your attention free of panic and worry.


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