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Fears and Phobias

West Yorkshire Hypnosis can help you to overcome debilitating and unsettling feelings. You can overcome fear and gain a sense of relief from these burdens. Panic, stress and worry are responsive to hypnosis and its intervention will enable you to feel a sense of mastery from these feeling of worry and fear.

We are are born with only two instinctive fears, a fear of heights to protect us from falling and a fear of strange noises, to protect us from the unknown. Though it is now believed we have also inherited a third, the fear of snakes from our genetic past. All other fears are learned throughout our life and these three can be so over the top that they cause intense anxiety.

overcome fears and phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear that is completely out of proportion to it’s object and can be extremely upsetting and restrictive. People often develop strategies to cope with fears and phobias in order to get through day to day life and this is understandable for everyday can be an unwelcome challenge when you have a fear that is affecting you and preventing you from feeling confident in day to day situations.

Hypnosis is a rapid approach to these problem. Through hypnosis a subconscious relearning takes place that changes your view of what you had previously had a phobic reaction to. Your feelings change as your perception is altered and you replace negative feelings with more constructive ones so that the situation,event or object can now be experienced without panic or anxiety.

Essentially a phobia will provoke a direct response when you encounter the object or situation you are phobic about. This can be extremely frightening when the fear is something that you will be encountering in your daily work or social life.

Phobias are either simple/specific or complex in nature some examples of these are:

  • Specific Phobias – This can be a fear of spiders, animals, certain objects, fear of flying or going to the dentist, a fear of public speaking, and other very specific objects or occasions.

  • Complex phobias – Agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, Claustrophobia. These are broader in scope (less specific) than simple phobias. Gynophobia a fear of women and Zoophobia a fear of animals are complex phobias because they are not restricted to one specific feature or object e.g a fear of tall women or a fear of one animal such as dogs.

A fear is slightly different in that you worry over an event taking place. Fears are in that sense a form of worrying over a future occurrence. Fears can be extremely debilitating that they may prevent you moving forward with your life afraid of having to handle the object of your fears. However fears and phobias are sometimes closely related in that a phobic reaction has developed in to a learned fear response and you begin to dread the situation and worry about facing it again.

One definition of a phobia is ‘a fear of a fear’ because it has become the panic and anxiety itself that you are frightened of.

Think of fears and phobias as a misguided survival strategy. The subconscious believes it is protecting you from the object or situation that you wish to avoid but is instead misguided, it is preventing you from feeling comfortable in a situation that is not itself harmful.

Fears and phobias both respond positively to hypnotherapy and positive results are usually seen in a short period of time

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