Fears and Phobias

It can be challenging to imagine letting go of long-standing fears that seem to have become a part of one's identity.

Additionally, for many the fear of judgment and embarrassment can make it difficult to open up about their fears to others.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you overcome your fear. It can provide you with new perspectives and coping strategies to help you feel confident again

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overcome fears and phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear and can be extremely upsetting and restrictive.

You can relearn what you previously had a phobic reaction to.

Your feelings change as your perception is altered and you replace those old feelings with more constructive ones so that the situation, event, or object can now be experienced without the panic or anxiety you felt in the past.

A phobia will provoke a response when you encounter an object or situation.

This can be extremely frightening when the fear is something that you will be encountering in your daily work or social life.

Phobias are either simple/specific or complex in nature some examples of these are:

  • Specific Phobias – This can be a fear of spiders, animals, certain objects, fear of flying or going to the dentist, a fear of public speaking, and other very specific objects or occasions.

  • Complex phobias – Agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, Claustrophobia. These are broader in scope (less specific) than simple phobias. Gynophobia a fear of women and Zoophobia a fear of animals are complex phobias because they are not restricted to one specific feature or object e.g a fear of tall women or a fear of one animal such as dogs.

With fear, you worry over an event taking place.

As you start to go beyond your fear you can look forward to a pleasant today and tomorrow.

Think of fears and phobias as a misguided survival strategy.

The mind believes it is protecting you from some object or situation that you wish to avoid.

Instead, it is preventing you from feeling comfortable in a situation that may not itself be harmful or may be exaggerated.

Once you change your beliefs and perceptions it becomes more natural to feel calm in these situations.

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