Hypnosis to Overcome Anxiety

Being relaxed and calm is a way of being that you can learn to recognize as your normal state.

General Anxiety Disorder

This feeling of unease is not related to one particular issue but rather pervades various aspects of your life. This can be accompanied by worries and fears.

You might experience a constant sense of dread, irritability, and feeling on edge. These symptoms could make it hard to concentrate, causing restlessness.

In addition, physical symptoms may include shortness of breath, headaches, tension and aches, insomnia, trembling, shaking, and fatigue.

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Social Anxiety

With social anxiety, you may feel excessive fear of social situations.

It is considered to be a phobia.

It is a complex phobia as opposed to a simple phobia like a fear of dogs.

Though sometimes it may be a specific fear that is preventing you from engaging in social situations.

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