My Hypnotherapy Journey

For many years my interests have been concerned with the problems of the mind and emotional states as it relates to personal development.

My concern has been how we as individuals can develop a strong sense of self-identity while retaining meaningful lives and connections to those we love and the culture we participate in.

I realized that most problems we have stem from an aspect of ourselves that we are not seeing clearly, or we may retain a subconscious perception that is self-negating. Hypnosis I learned provided a pathway into this world of the inner mind that is kept hidden from ourselves and I found it to be a viable tool for changing perceptions we may not realize we are holding into new positive and life-affirming outlooks.

I did my initial hypnotherapy training with the Proudfoot School in Yorkshire and learned about the various and multifaceted approaches to bringing about solutions. My training continued with becoming a Parts Therapy facilitator with hypnotherapist author Roy Hunter which is one of the most profound methods of helping a client in hypnotherapy resolve inner conflict. I have since trained with the Omni hypnosis center run by Gerald Kein who is known as the teacher of the teachers and who’s passion for hypnosis and its power for improving the lives of others by addressing causes over symptoms is truly uplifting and expanded my respect for this healing modality. I have recently trained with the Innervisions school of hypnotherapy incorporating up-to-date information and recent developments within the therapeutic profession.

My commitment is to use every resource I have available to bring about positive change in those people I am privileged to work with.

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