Public Speaking

Public Speaking/Stage Fright

Do you panic at the thought of giving a public presentation? Maybe you experience a pounding of the heart,blushing or shortness of breath, trembling and nervousness? Do your arms and legs feel awkward or out of control? Do you find it difficult to concentrate and focus upon your talk? Does the moment cause a feeling of dread and not a feeling of positive expectation? If so then hypnotherapy can help you to overcome these feelings and get back to a state of ease and confident enthusiasm. A natural feeling that can be yours with the help of hypnotherapy.

Public speaking and stage fright are both forms of deep insecurity. A feeling of been judged by others and not feeling good enough.

However if you think about it there is no objective reason to feeling nervous in front of a group if you can feel confident or at ease on a one to one basis. It is a state of mind that affects your mental performance and your physical feelings.

Whether you are giving presentations at work, a lecture at university or a best man speech at a wedding this can be improved with hypnotherapy.

Stage fright that feeling of fear or panic when you go on to perform is a variation of this experience. A feeling that you will mess up and be humiliated or ruined and a feeling of panic.

Stage fright can also express itself in sports. The feeling of been watched and judged by the spectators or competitors or family members can seriously hamper the game of one who is burdened by these negative thoughts.Focus is taken away from total involvement onto these distractions.

Why these feelings are so powerful is because when presented with a stressful situation the subconscious programming invariable wins over your conscious intentions. This gives the imagination room to roam and focus its energies upon negative consequences.

The good news is that the subconscious can be re-programmed and as your hypnotherapist I can assist you in achieving the ability to give confident enthusiastic presentations and feel comfortable and motivated in performance.


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