Stop smoking with hypnosis

How would it feel to not have to rely on smoking to navigate daily highs and lows?

Imagine being calm and composed when you need to be attentive and focused.

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This life-changing program,

With the potential to add years to your life

Is quick and cost-effective.
Has no intake of nicotine or other toxic chemicals.
Won't replace the smoking habit with another habit
You gain ways to deal with stress that does not rely upon having a smoke.

Do you feel that you don't have enough willpower?

You will be glad to know that hypnotherapy doesn't rely on willpower.

Hypnosis works by communicating with your mind where the need to continue smoking resides.

By changing your programming you remove the need for cigs and you can relax, concentrate and pick yourself up without them.

Schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call

How does my hypnotherapy program work?

It will help with :​

  • Physical cravings
  • Emotional attachment
  • Smoking habits
  • Smoking triggers.
  • Coping with stress and anxiety

When you stop smoking you get some benefits almost immediately. If you persist those benefits increase with time.

After 48 hours of stopping mucus is beginning to be cleaned out of your lungs and you have flushed out all Carbon Monoxide.

Your taste and smell might also be improving.  After 72 hours your bronchial tubes should start to relax and your breathing will feel easier!

Stop Smoking

When you no longer think of yourself as a 'smoker' but have a positive self-image as a 'non-smoker'

You will no longer smoke because you are feeling stressed, you will be free of the habit and be able to respond normally to the everyday ups and downs of life.


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