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Stress Control

We all live with a degree of stress in our lives if we didn’t we wouldn’t be alive. However it is the negative stress we experience that can cause serious health consequences.

The stress causing situations that we experience can be numerous and stress level tests have been developed that can measure our levels based upon some of those external factors. Those things that can have a profound impact on our stress levels include marital problems, moving home, issues at work, the death of a loved one or the feeling that we are given too much to do and are torn in different directions. There is no shortage of issues that can have a stress inducing affect upon us.

Stress control

When we are in a state of stress our fight or flight response is activated to enable us to deal with the situation in an effective way, in years gone by this would be to stand and fight or to run away. However in today’s hectic world those responses are not possible and we are often left in a chronic state of tension that has not had the opportunity come down into a state of relaxation that would provide the positive health enhancing benefits that we require to sustain a healthy balance in our lives.

Sometimes if our sense of self value is low it can cause us to be less resourceful than people with a high level of self esteem, this feeling is then compounded through the years as our reactions to events becomes habitual and bound within our comfort zone that we have established to deal with increased feelings of stress and anxiety. The significant difference between one person been able to cope with multiple stress causing situations and another feeling overwhelmed is internal response. We have learned responses that are either effective or not in coping with the stress in our lives.

But no matter how many problems and issues you face there is one thing that they all share in common and that is you. This is the good news because we cannot necessarily change the people and events to conform to our wishes but what we can take control of is our own internal response to those things that have in the past caused us to be in a state of stress.

Hypnosis accomplishes this sense of calm and control by enabling you to make internal changes so that you can respond in an appropriate way and react in a self controlled manner without feeling everything is getting on top of you..

Through powerful hypnosis you can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in your body and mind and learn to react to those situations and people that push your buttons from a positive and constructive perspective.

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