Stress control

It is crucial to acknowledge that we all live with a degree of stress, as it is an inherent part of life.

However, the negative impact of excessive stress on our health cannot be overstated.

Factors such as marital problems, job-related issues, relocating, the death of a loved one, and being overwhelmed with responsibilities can significantly affect our stress levels.

It is urgent that we recognize and actively address sources of stress in our lives to protect our physical and mental well-being.

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Stress control

Frequently, we find ourselves trapped in a prolonged state of tension without a chance to unwind and relax. Our coping mechanisms to deal with stress can either be helpful or ineffective.

It's crucial to recognize that we have control over our internal response to stress-inducing situations.

We can take action to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety in our minds and bodies and learn to react constructively to people and situations that trigger our stress.

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