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Weight Control

For most people to go on a diet does not change the underlying feeling that eating food is trying to satisfy because overeating is often a symptom of an emotional need which diets generally fail to come to terms with.

It is feelings and emotions that prompts overeating for most of us. Habit control and a recognition of when we are hungry and when we are feeding our emotions is vital to overcoming excessive emotional eating. People can be forever on one diet after another with their weight going up and down without any permanent weight loss and this is because their subconscious mind has a vision of itself at which it feels comfortable and secure.

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Changing your relationship to food and your subconscious image of yourself is the most effective long term solution to loosing weight because you can then stop that emotional eating that you do to make yourself feel better and replace it with genuine positive and constructive feelings about yourself so that you feel valued and secure within.

Some of the areas we may cover include:

  • Changing eating habits
  • Overcoming emotional compulsions to eat
  • Developing a positive self image
  • Resolving inner conflict
  • Discovering a root cause and bringing about resolution
  • Developing a natural relationship to food

Allow hypnotherapy to help you to come to terms with developing a new empowering self image where excess food will no longer play a part in your life .

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